We are lucky enough to have a very few volunteers who help with specific things such as driving our Ten Pin Bowling Groups to and from their games and helping out with our Art group.


Whilst most of the support needs of our Clients are met we are sometimes unable to meet a lot of their support wants, which usually relate to leisure, recreation and sports activities.

We sometimes seek volunteers who are willing and able to share some of their time and enthusiasm with someone with a disability who may have similar interests. This can be anything from a favourite football team, to knitting, to cooking, to cricket – playing or watching or even a lunch out once a week – the list is endless.

We have a goal of truly connecting people with disabilities into their local community and what better way than to spend time with community members doing something they enjoy? There is no obligation to continue; if something doesn’t work out.


If you think you might like to help out contact us today.